About the jewellery

This jewellery is new and part of a range being launched over 2018.
The pieces are outcomes of experimentation with forms, ideas and aesthetics around research into light, space, memory and time. They are made to be lasting, era-less and special but wearable everyday. Each piece is handmade from solid silver or gold, in London. Find order information here.


This online shop is an exclusive chance to get up close and personal with new and limited pieces before anyone else. 

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About Molly Perrin

Molly Perrin is based in London, with a Masters in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery from the Royal College of Art and a hoard of experience in the jewellery industry. She creates collections for museums, designs for established jewellery brands, works on personal commissions for the big moments in people's lives as well as carrying out her own practise.

Visit the Studio page to see a range of projects.



Commission | Range designed for the Sir John Soane’s House Museum, London. Supported by the Jerwood Foundation.

Scholarship | Awarded one of three AlumniRCA scholarships to study at the Royal College of Art 

Workshop | Young European Talents jewellery, Pforzheim DE
Bursary |  Masterclass Residency, West Dean UK
Shortlisted | QEST scholarship, UK
Commission | jewellery for the Sir John Soane’s Museum, London UK

Workshop | Goldsmiths’ Company ‘Getting Started’ Postgraduate Business Course

Commission | Jane Austen House Museum, Chawton UK
Bursary | Goldsmiths’ Company Precious Metals Award

Award | First prize, Architectural Award, Pewter Live | London UK


CRAFTS the Crafts Council magazine -  Portfolio Investment article, pg 68.

Professional Jeweller magazine –  “SHOW PREVIEW: Highlights of One Year On”.

Young British Designers blog –  “extremely talented young jewellery designer”.  



email : contact@mollyperrin.co.uk 
Find order information here.


instagram : @molly_perrin
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